Spices of Liberty

This is our story in America

Spices of Liberty is a story of second generation immigrant Americans consisting of Krishna and Radha, their friends and families in the neighborhood. Characters are introduced in the potluck scene, which is a common form to socialize with the community, a substitute to meeting the relatives in the homeland. The movie utilizes this introduction to touch the American system of education and family values. Radha gets a clue to get a soul mate and implements that idea and gets her life partner Krishna. The soul mates get into trouble due to some ‘Circumstances’ which are simple and obvious for Radha but disturbing to Krishna. In the course of the movie, the subjects of freedom and equality are touched by other characters around Radha, Krishna to summarize that USA is a Spiritual Nation. The conclusion of the movie is all about how Indian Scriptures summarize the meaning of ‘Freedom’ to choose whatever a person feels is right for them. There are side stories in the movie showing the friends and neighbors of Radha/Krishna to show the life of Americans.

Director: Gowri Goli
Writer: Chandan Dash
Stars: Mia Hunter, Jasmine Hensley, Suhasini, Ajay Kathurvar | See full cast